Push Button Pendants


  1. Available in various control voltage range
  2. High voltage resistant hard plastic body
  3. Comfortable and effortless operation of push buttons
  4. Operating capacity: 100times per minute
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Technical Specifications

Model Type Steps Dimensions Weight
OPB1003 3way One 275x78x85 500g
OPB1005 5way 370x78x85 550g
OPB1007 7way 430x78x85 600g
OPB1009 9way 490x78x85 650g
OPB1011 11way 550x78x85 700g
OPB1014 14way 558x78x85 750g
OPB2003 3way Two 275x78x85 500g
OPB2005 5way 370x78x85 550g
OPB2007 7way 430x78x85 600g
OPB2009 9way 490x78x85 650g
OPB2011 11way 550x78x85 700g
OPB2014 14way 558x78x85 750g